Where do begin the home search?

Contemplating buying in the Coachella Valley? Where do to you begin the home buying search?

Congratulations on the decision to investigate property. Where should you begin?

Looking for endless hours on the internet is a huge challenge. The desert has a myriad
of developments both inside a country club or in a gated or non gated community.

The first decision to make discuss your thoughts with an expert real estate professional who has the
expertise to give you guidance on possible locations and communities that will match your needs and wants

Please fill out the following questions and Joan will call or email you to discuss your needs and wants.
After a phone or email discussion Joan and her staff can begin to email you possible listings so we
determine what type of property meets your needs.

If you see listing on zillow, trulia or the many internet websites. Please send us the address or MLS
number and we will check on the property and report back to you within minutes. We compile lists of
properties you might be interested in to make your home search as simple as possible. We can answer
questions regarding locations and homeowners fees. Your answers are just a click away.

Let’s begin the search for a desert property


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What are your interests: Do you have a time frame to purchase?

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