With over 20+ years of experience, Joan Castro and her team can help you locate or market your property, no matter which desert lifestyle you prefer. Joan and her team’s experience ensures that your property will reach a global audience of buyers.


Joan’s philosophy is simple: Real Estate is a personal business and listening to a client’s needs is like listening to a family member and a crucial part of reaching the client’s goal.


When it comes to marketing your property, your property needs the largest exposure possible in order to sell at the highest possible price based on current market conditions. Together, we will agree on a list price to make sure no money is left on the negotiating table.

To get your property ready for the market, Joan and her team will evaluate your property and make suggestions that can produce more showings and offers. Joan is a natural in making a home appealing to buyers and realtors who will be excited to show your property over the competition.


Joan insists on top quality, professional photographs to show off your home to potential buyers and realtors. Buyers and realtors are previewing your property on the internet to see if they want to see your property in person. If the photographs are not appealing, they will go on to find another property to put on their “list”. She believes this the building block of successful marketing on the Internet.


As for the escrow process, Joan takes care of all aspects, including negotiating and completing repairs, loan follow up, title and disclosures, and making sure your funds are wired to you.


For those who are looking to sell their home, but have realized that the current market is less than you owe on the mortgages, a short sale may be just the solution for you. A short sale may allow you to sell your home and settle your mortgage debts! By choosing to go through a short sale, rather than letting your home go into foreclosure, you avoid eviction and your home going to public auction. Depending on your circumstances and your lender, you may also qualify for financial assistance to cover relocation costs.


Sellers Guaranteed Advantages

Sellers want their homes sold fast and at the best possible price based on current market conditions. We accomplish that goal with the least hassle and no drama. It’s a combination of creative marketing , skilled negotiation and guidance through all phases selling your home.

Here are some of the advantages of working with Joan Castro & Associates


▪     Fabulous internet marketing – We love the internet! Within hours your home is exposed to the world 24 hours a day. We are here to field their calls, emails and online inquires. They want answers within minutes. Your home will be available to millions of Internet home buyers through our distribution of over 300 home search websites.

  ▪    Amazing professional Photography–this is the centerpiece of selling your home for top dollar. 90% of home buyers are searching 24 hours a day on the internet. Our goal is to bring your home to their attention. How do we accomplish that?  We will only use high quality visual photography created by our amazing professional photographer. That means your home will be seen and bookmarked by buyers and their realtors looking on internet sites or MLS. I’ve had sellers to tell me the photographs are beyond belief…is that really my house? Your property will be featured as a unique personalized listing including personal website, amazing photos &youtube videos.

▪    Staging – We give our professional opinion on how to make your home the most appealing to buyers. Small changes can add value sell your home in a quicker time. Our goal to to make you home look larger, uncluttered & appealing to typical buyers.

▪    Engage In Social Marketing – Your property, photos & links are on our social media sites including facebook, pinterest, goggle+ and youtube. We encourage you to share link that we provide to share your listing.

▪    Price Your Property What are the market conditions? – The direction of the market dictates price according to supply and demand. Nothing bring more activity and offers than a properly priced home that is supported by other sold listings. Remember you have to sell your property 3 times. One to the selling realtor, to the buyers and then to the bank. So let’s set the right price from the beginning. We will assist you in this process with all of our years selling desert real estate.

▪    Targeted Email Campaigns – Creative emails are a great way to spread the word about your property. We contact current buyers, subscribers & local realtors who love to hear from us. These are people who are looking to buy or who help buyers everyday.

▪    Ongoing Communications – You will know the activity of your home sale at all times. As buyers are shown your home updates will be given to you & any showing feedback. As escrow proceeds, you will be updates on scheduled events and paperwork all the way to receiving your check or wire.

▪    Expert Negotiations – We love to negotiate. This is what we do everyday. We will personally represent you in a professional manner. We will discuss the pros and cons of each offer and craft counter offers to bring you the top price & cover all important points of negotiation. Our interest is to having both sides walk away happy & confident that they have made a great decision to buy your home.


        ▪       Hassle Free Escrow – Leave the details of your escrow to us. We take charge of all repairs and meeting vendors. All paperwork & details of paperwork is handled by our professional in house escrow coordinators.